About Yoga:

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word which refers to breath and movement. For example, each yoga posture is matched with one breath. This is what you do when you perform Sun or Moon Salutations.  These asana sequences are a form of Vinyasa Yoga.


Yoga is a system of personal development that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. Breathing can ensure peace of mind and physical well-being. Yoga means "to join together" and is seen as a powerful tool to bring about balance and harmony between the body and the mind. Breathing exercises, also known as pranayama help in revitalizing body and mind, thereby leaving you refreshed and calm.


The benefits of yoga are extensive. Some of the benefits include:  increasing flexibility; increasing lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons; massaging of the body's organs; complete detoxification; excellent toning of the muscles; mood moderation and peace of mind; posture alignment; improved digestion; less stored fat; healing of injured back muscles; speeding injury recovery time; and prevention of injury recurrence.


Yoga can help people of all ages. It can be instrumental in instilling self-discipline and improving concentration and memory. It can be beneficial when practiced by young people in order to retain their natural flexibility over the years.

Teenagers can gain inner strength to help them cope with stressful and negative influences, and also maintain flexibility.

Older people find that gentle yoga asanas relieve problems such as poor circulation and posture.

Pregnant women often find that yoga can relieve problems such as backache and depression, as well as providing relief during labor. 
It is recommended that children and pregnant women do not take the hot yoga classes.  Please let your instructor know prior to taking any non-hot yoga classes.
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